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A platform built for restaurant workers

As restaurant workers ourselves, we have faced all the problems associated with bi-weekly payment structures, we are here to change the way millions of restaurant workers get paid. Join us today! 

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About us

Deeply in touch with the problem

Our team is made up of young, diverse and highly driven entrepreneurs with extended experience in the restaurant industry, we understand the problems that millions of hourly food-service workers have to face everyday. We are here for a change.

Our mission

Our mission is to disrupt the food industry

We are confident that by changing the way restaurant workers are being paid we will disrupt the whole food-service industry. We believe in a world with highly motivated hourly workers, without financial stress and with the ability of paying for any unexpected expenses.

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Do you want to integrate with clockout?

We are always looking for partnerships with restaurant technology companies. We believe that the best way to succeed is to join forces for a greater good. Join today!

Commercial Partnership

Restaurant Partnership

Join our network of restaurants that are changing the way their employees are being paid. Boost your employee's motivation, reduce their absenteeism rate and gain hiring leverage. Join us today! 

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Integration Partnership

Restaurant Point-of-Sale Partnership

Are you part of a Restaurant Point-Of-Sale? We would love to talk to you! We are openly looking for POS integrations to increase our reach in the industry.

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Distribution Partnership

POS Distributor Partnership

Are you currently selling Point-of-Sale systems to restaurants? We are looking for people like you to bring Clockout to every restaurant in the US!

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Distribution Partnership

Restaurant Technology Partnership

Are you creating technology for Restaurants? HR, Operations, Marketing or ordering; we want to talk to all of you! Let's chat and discuss how can we share resources to achieve our goals!

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Our Family

We don’t walk alone, Clockout works thanks to our Family

Hourly Workers, Restaurants and partners; we are here because of you!

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Hourly Workers

We are here for you, with us you will never have to worry about money again. Thank you!

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The cornerstone of our operation, with our restaurant partners we are able to offer our product to every worker! Thank you!


Without data, distribution and integration this would not be possible, our partners are the engine of this operation. Thank you!

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