About Us

We are a facilitator for financial wellness

Earned Wage Access (EWA) as an incentive to get your customer's Direct Deposit.

Customers want Bank EWA
Population Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck
People that need EWA in USA

Our mission is to unlock the power of earned wages, for everyone

Financial services are the backbone of our society, and our goal is to make them work for as many individuals and businesses as possible. We want to grow the global economy by providing everyone with frictionless, accessible financial products.

To do so, we’re building a customer-centric platform which feels personal to everyone and will serve as their trusted companion to manage and grow their money.

We’ll support our customers throughout their lives - from teens to retirement – as individuals, groups, and families. And we can offer all the tools they need to easily manage, spend, borrow, invest, and protect their money. All in one personalized, simple space that looks and feels local at home and abroad.

We have a diverse community of Partners & Investors